Perfectly Imperfect(:



    so apparently an arm can sell on the black market for $885, ($500 for the shoulder plus $385 for the hand an forearm) 

    and a leg can sell for $500 (at least thats the lowest price of an albino leg so im guessing here) 

    So when someone says “That’ll cost an arm ad a leg” they are roughly asking for $1,335

    which is less than i would have guessed. 

    i didn’t spend this much time researching the cost of limbs on the black market for one note


    cashier: that’ll be $4.20

    me: bruh

    cashier: bruh

    stonedbarber asked:
    Wow I don't know what's more perfect your body or your smile 😊 let's just call it a tie

    Well thanks (;

    Zombie Hand - Busy